In 2015, CliMates is taking a stand and calls not only its own network but the whole of society to action.

Our global Call for action

The Call for action presents the future we want, as young people in a changing world.

  • CliMates raises awareness and mobilizes youth on climate change. CliMates also aims to trigger a change in young people’s behaviour by enabling them to launch local and international projects that have a tangible impact. CliMates aims at influencing decision- makers and young people.
  • CliMates believes that through collaborative and interdisciplinary work, its members can produce recommendations and commitments that will contribute substantially to the fight against climate change.
  • CliMates envisions a world in which economic, political, and social relations and activities respect, and do not negatively affect, the natural environment. CliMates envisions a world in which cooperation between stakeholders at local, national and international levels serves environmental preservation, social justice and community building.
  • CliMates envisions a world in which decision-makers take into account the needs and interests of future generations, and involve youth and students in the decision-making process. CliMates envisions a world in which decision-makers understand the necessity to take measures for climate change mitigation and adaptation and put these into action immediately.

Summary of the Call for action

Call for action


Our Call for action for COP21


History has shown that successful climate negotiations need strong support from civil society for achieving their goals.


The mobilization of public and private actors around the 21st Conference of Parties (COP21) is therefore crucial for ensuring the agreement on the global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions’ reduction. Since Bonn COP5 (1999), youth have ensured their position as a crucial interlocutor of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) regarding their role in the shaping of the tomorrow’s planet.


In 2015, the COP21 offers a unique opportunity for young people to challenge the political leaders’ ambition for a global and long-term agreement on climate change.


During Montreal COP11 (2005), youth strengthened their participation in international climate talks by forming the Conference of Youth (COY), a global youth meeting on climate change, and during Copenhagen COP15 (2009), the UNFCCC Secretariat officially granted youth NGOs with a provisional constituency status under the name “YOUNGOs”. Founded in 2011, CliMates was quickly recognized as a UNFCCC observer, and joined the YOUNGO constituency.


The organization is now participating in the organization of the 11th COY in Paris. Its interest in the international climate negotiations led us to deliver a public statement on the future climate regime we, as youth, want.