Context and Objectives

Lisez le programme du Sommet International de CliMates

Read the programme of the CliMates International Summit

Negotiations to tackle climate change are complex. The Copenhagen negotiations of 2009 were perceived by most as a failure to adequately address climate change, and the conferences in Cancun (2010) and Durban (2011) led to questionable progress. National interests and contexts render international climate policy difficult to design and implement. As of now, the answers and solutions formulated by public and private decision makers remain insufficient considering present and future challenges.

After a year of research and network building, CliMates is organizing its first International Summit, bringing together its active members in Paris to find solutions to climate change of the next generation.

The CliMates Summit will be the opportunity :

  • To discuss key issues of international climate change negotiations
  • For youth and students to present innovative solutions to climate change
  • To promote new forms of international negotiations

The CliMates International Summit will have three main goals :

  1. Review and analyze one year of collaborative and multidisciplinary research led by CliMates students
  2. Review and analyze one year of collaborative and multidisciplinary research led by CliMates students
  3. Produce a CliMates Call for Action : a list of student solutions and projects to advocate and implement

The CliMates Call for Action will consist in a series of commitment and recommendations that CliMates will present and advocate to decision makers at all levels, including to negotiators of the UNFCCC COP 18, in Doha in November 2012.

The CliMates Call for Action shall also consist in a blueprint for CliMates and its partners’ activity for the   following year. For this reasons, CliMates invites its partners (especially student and youth organizations) to participate in and sign the CliMates Call for Action.

The first CliMates International Summit will be held in Paris from October 29th to November 2nd 2012. It will gather CliMates students from all over the world to review and debate one year of collaborative research.

The aim of this event is to elaborate, negotiate and advocate a common student position, putting forward innovative solutions to effectively mitigate and adapt to climate change. These will be formulated in the CliMates Call for Action.

Many academic and professional climate change experts will be present, including Nobel Peace Prize winner and IPCC founder Jean Jouzel, founder of the Institute of Sustainable Development and International Relations, Laurence Tubiana, and philosopher and sociologist and scientific Director at the Institute of Political Studies in Paris, Bruno Latour.

We view this as an ambitious ‘Social Lab Experiment’, designed to foster creative ways to discuss and negotiate issues, in order to integrate, yet transcend the logic of national interest towards global climate solidarity.

We will present the CliMates Call for Action to decision-makers in different sectors, as well as negotiators at international fora, including the 18th UNFCCC Conference of the Parties in Qatar in November 2012.

This Summit will be supported by our partners IDDRI and the Office of Academic Research of Sciences Po

There is still time if you would like to participate and join a delegation team. Here’s how you can become a CliMates delegate and come to the Summit. CliMates is also inviting partner youth organizations to participate.

From catering to media space, from transportation for our delegates to coffee and snacks, we need help to accomplish this project! If you’d like to support us in organizing this Summit, please write to

To learn more about the CliMates International Summit,
please read our presentation brochure.

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Institutional Support

The CliMates International Summit is organised by CliMates, with support from the Office of Academic Research of Sciences Po, the Institute ofSustainable Development and International Relations (IDDRI), and the PRES, a Regional Coalition of Parisian Universities.


Carbon Offsetting of the Summit



Climates logo cdc



The CliMates International summit is a youth led and innovative summit in the fight against climate change. Its goal: to review one year of research conducted by the CliMates network and to propose innovative solutions formulated by young people from all over the world. Organized with a strong approach of sustainable development, CliMates wishes to minimize the impacts of this event and to offset the emissions that could not have been avoided through other means.

In this context, CDC Climat, subsidiary of the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations, is glad to graciously offer its services of Carbon Offsetting for the CliMates International Summit 2012, and support the CliMates student think-tank. CDC Climat has proposed to CliMates a list of projects for this carbon offsetting. CDC Climat brings CliMates a high level expertise in carbon offsetting, thanks to its experience of 10 years in the fight against climate change. CliMates is grateful for the support of CDC Climat for the CliMates International Summit.

Selected project for the carbon offsetting of the Summit: Windfarm project in Karnataka region in South India

Project registered under the CDM standard (n°1949) and under the VCS standard (n°51)


The Karnataka region, and India as a whole, attempts to fill its increasing deficit in electricity.


This project consists of producing electricity of the State of Karnataka with 18 windmills spread over two sites: Arasinagundi and Anabaru. Windmill produced electricity is thus substituted to fossil fuel sources. The project has allowed the electrification of the two neighboring villages and has contributed to the development of the region, notably by creating 50 local jobs for its construction and maintenance, by giving populations access to clean water, and by developing health, education, communication and transport installations.

The project has not led to any negative environmental impacts and populations have been able to continue using as pastures the land where the windmills are built.
Close attention has particularly been given to social and environmental aspects of this project, for instance through meetings held with local inhabitants and NGOs, respecting conditions of the World Bank, who has acquired a portion of the credits derived from the projects.



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Le Sommet International de CliMates est un sommet jeune et innovant dans la lutte contre le changement climatique. Son but: faire le bilan d’une année de recherche au sein du réseau CliMates et proposer des solutions innovantes venant des jeunes du monde entier. Organisé dans une démarche de développement durable, CliMates souhaite minimiser l’impact de cet événement et ainsi compenser les émissions inévitables.

C’est à ce titre que CDC Climat, filiale de la Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations, est heureuse de réaliser, à titre gratuit, la compensation carbone du Sommet, pour le compte du think-tank étudiant CliMates. CDC Climat accompagne CliMates dans la sélection des projets de compensation pour cet évènement. CDC Climat apporte à CliMates une expertise de compensation carbone de haute qualité, provenant d’une expérience de plus de 10 ans dans la lutte contre le changement climatique. CliMates est reconnaissante du soutien de la CDC Climat pour le CliMates International Summit.

Projet sélectionné pour la compensation carbone : Projet de fermes éoliennes dans la région du Karnataka au sud de l’Inde

Projet enregistré sous le standard MDP (n°1949) et sous le standard VCS (n°51)


La région du Karnataka, et l’Inde en général, tentent de combler leur déficit croissant en électricité.


Le projet consiste en la production d’électricité pour le réseau de l’Etat de Karnataka par 18 éoliennes réparties sur deux sites : Arasinagundi et Anabaru. La production d’électricité éolienne se substitue ainsi à des sources fossiles.

Le projet a permis l’électrification des deux villages alentours et a contribué au développement de la région notamment en créant 50 emplois locaux pour sa construction et sa maintenance, en donnant accès aux populations à l’eau potable et en développant les installations de soins, d’éducation, de communication et de transport.
Le projet n’a pas eu d’impact environnemental négatif et les populations ont pu continuer à utiliser les terrains où sont construites les éoliennes comme pâturages.

Une attention particulière a été portée aux aspects sociaux et environnementaux du ce projet, notamment grâce à la tenue de réunions avec les populations locales et les ONG, répondant aux exigences de la Banque Mondiale, qui a acquis une partie des crédits issus du projet.

Information and Contact

The CliMates International Summit will take place in Paris, at the Institute of Political Sciences (Sciences Po), 13 rue de l’Université from October 29th to November 2nd 2012.

The Opening and Closing Ceremonies, as well as the Round Table Tuesday October 30th, from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM, shall take place at 27 rue Saint Guillaume, 75007.

The CliMates Summit will be held in English.

To learn more about the CliMates International Summit,
 please read our presentation brochure.

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The programme of the CliMates International Summit has been released: check it out to learn about the participants, the topics of the many roundtables and the side-events!

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You don’t want to get lost in Paris? To help you find your way to the CliMates International Summit, we made this very helpful document for you.

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For information on the CliMates International Summit, please download our presentation brochure.

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You can download the detailed programme of the CliMates International Summit.

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