Context and Objectives

Read the programme of the Second CliMates International Summit

The CliMates International Summit brings students from high-ranked universities worldwide and sustainability professionals for 5 days of panels, capacity and knowledge building workshops and field visits. After organizing its 1st International Summit in Paris in 2011, and a regional workshop in Bogota in 2013, CliMates will hold its 2nd International Summit in New York City this August 2014.


The 2nd CliMates International Summit has three main objectives:

EDUCATE the next global leaders ’and give them the  tools to foster a sharp understanding of climate challenges.

INSPIRE to fuel ideas and solutions to positively impact our societies worldwide.

ENGAGE to bring the global CliMates community together with new partners, strengthening worldwide connections between students,
    professionals and researchers.


The 2nd CliMates International Summit aims to run the gamut of existing and novel issues, ideas, and solutions. Through a range of high-caliber individuals, participants of this Summit can dig deeper into previous research interest, discover new perspectives in those, and experience new and challenging ideas.

New York, New York

New York City was our obvious choice for this 2nd International Summit: over the past decades, New York City has distinguished itself as a leader in the field of sustainable development. In 2013, the city was heavily impacted by the disastrous consequences of Superstorm Sandy. 

Since then, New York City and its inhabitants have consciously decided to transform this threat into an opportunity to make their city a laboratory of numerous cutting-edge economic, social, cultural and public policies against climate change. Symbolically, we have chosen New York City as the place for our International Summit in order to highlight these local sustainable initiatives.

New York

5-day event with consisting of:

Panels and roundtables with professionals at the forefront of innovation and effective action against climate change, providing experts knowledge on specific climate issues, stakes, policies.

Experimental sessions, site visits, real-life examples in relationship with thematic panels.

Open workshops and collaborative sessions to showcase CliMates research and projects

E.g. A Simulation of international climate negotiations will be held for an entire day at Columbia University. These educational exercises have been the signature of success of CliMates over the past 3 years and we are excited to bring this enriching experience to New York City!

Soft skills training: team building, entrepreneurship, project management etc.

Networking events with policymakers, industrials, adaptation professionals, scientists researchers, artists, entrepreneurs etc. and opportunities to connect in a casual environment with like-minded students, alumni, young professionals, etc.

Our Organizing Team

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