Context and Objectives


Welcome to Bogota!

After the vibrant success of its first International Summit, held in Paris in the fall of 2012, CliMates decided to take this innovative, participative, intergenerational process to the other side of the Atlantic! With the aim of preparing Latin American youth for the 20th round of UN climate negotiations (COP20), which will be hosted in Peru in 2014, this Workshop was a unique occasion to discuss Latin American issues and opportunities related to climate change. Through this process, we wished to help bring together a strong community of student leaders, local populations and experts around this vital topic, thus creating the conditions for long term mobilization and cooperation of young people around climate issues on the continent.


The event happened in Bogota, Colombia on September 23rd – 27th 2013

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The Program of the workshop : English version – Spanish version


What did the Workshop look like?

The Regional Workshop has included:

  • Skill-sharing workshops, simulations and training sessions on climate change issues and negotiations – from “how to create, fund, and make noise around your climate-related project” to “mapping actors, alliances and divides on climate change across Latin America”;
  • In-depth discussions on CliMates research projects pertinent to Latin America, from the inclusion of indigenous populations in climate-decision making, to vulnerability of water systems and innovative ways of including all countries in a global mitigation effort;
  • Networking and ice-breaking activities to reinforce the sense of community between participants, as well as public conferences to engage non-expert audiences into the crucial issues pertinent to climate change.


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Public Events

Registration for public events/registracion para los eventos publicos 

– Opening ceremony/Ceremonia de apertura.

Monday, 23rd of September/Lunes, Septiembre 23, 9-11am. Universidad Javeriana. 

Wednesday, 25th of September/Miércoles, Septiembre 25, 8-9:30 am. Universidad de Los Andes. 

– Climate negotiations, towards COP20 and 21 / Procesos de la CMNUCC, y los temas de COP20 y COP21
Thursday, 26th of September/Jueves, Septiembre 26, 8-9:30 am. Universidad de Los Andes. 

– Climate data in Latin America: lessons from the 5th IPCC report / Datos climáticos en América Latina: Los reportes del IPCC
Friday, 27th of September/Viernes, Septiembre 26, 8-9:30 am. Universidad de Los Andes.

The Program of the workshop : English version – Spanish version



Eco-friendliness of the Workshop


CliMates is mindful of the environmental impact of this Workshop and has worked to make it as eco-friendly as possible in its general functioning. Throughout the week, we will provide vegeterian options for meals, reusable cups for coffee breaks, and we will strive to reduce our waste production.


Moreover, in order to compensate for our greenhouse gases emissions, particularly those generated by the participants’ transportation to and from Bogota, we have formed a partnership with CDC Climat. CDC Climat, a 100%-owned subsidiary of Caisse des Dépôts dedicated to furthering the energy and environmental transition, offers its partners mostly reliable carbon offsetting services. More broadly, CDC Climat spearheads proposals and financial engineering projects, so as to enable Caisse des Dépôts Group to fulfill its role of supporting public energy-transition policy.


CliMates estimated overall emissions for the Workshop, involving the participants in calculating their own share. CDC Climat then helped refine the estimates and generously offered to compensate these emissions, free of charge.




Daily Reports


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Youth led and innovative Workshop in the fight against climate change.


The participants of the first CliMates Regional Workshop in Latin America have a lot of ideas, solutions & projects to tackle climate change as you can see on this picture of our “green spead dating” this afternoon!


Get ready! Day 2 of the CliMates Regional Workshop Latin America just started with Evelyn Araripe and the “Educommunication” session!


Get inspired, get ready, beware! Youth started to act against climate change at the first CliMates Regional Workshop and won’t stop!


 Final document : English / Spanish  

Press Kit

Press Release:  English version / Spanish version

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