After Paris in 2012 (1st International CliMates Summit), Bogota in 2013 (CliMates Latin America Regional Workshop), New York in 2014 (2nd international CliMates Summit) and Paris in 2015 (CliM’Meet-up during COP21, following COY11), CliMates is organising its 3rd International Summit (CIS).


CISs aim at bringing together once a year CliMates’ community members, who are scattered in 30 different countries all over the world.

This year, CliMates’ community will meet in November 2016 in Morocco.

CliMates is composed of students and young professionals. Such a trip represents a huge financial effort for many of us, especially for those who come from other continents. If you are willing to help us, please consider contribute to our crowdfunding initiative.

Why Morocco? Why in November?

Morocco will host the 12th Conference Of Youth (COY12) and the COP22.

After the success of COY11 co-organized in Paris by CliMates and our partners – 5000+ participants in Paris, 3000+ participants in 8 regional COYs -, COY12 aims at once again being a momentum to strengthen youth mobilisations on climate change and make their voices heard.

The COP22 (November 7th – 18th) will be as well an opportunity to confirm the ambition of the State and non-state actors for dramatic climate change actions.

Organising the 3rd CliMates International Summit in this country will be an opportunity to engage our network in the post-COP21 dynamic, showcase our actions and spread our vision.

Organising our first international conference in Africa is also a strong symbol for CliMates. This continent includes some of the countries that will be the most impacted by climate change. Aside from this, Africa is also a continent full of opportunities for positive initiatives that make a real change. Many of those opportunities should be supported and highlighted.

We hope this Summit will strengthen our growing community in Africa.