The 19th Conferences Of the Parties (COP19)




Each morning during the COP19, some members of the CliMates delegation were present during the YOUNGO morning meeting. The goal of these morning meetings is to strategize YOUNGO activities and to highlight the big YOUNGO actions that are scheduled for that day.



This meeting was followed by another one, called tickticktick, which focuses on spreading information about the state of the negotiation on a daily basis. This meeting was really cherished by some of us CliMates because not all negotiating sessions are open to civil society observers and because there are simply too many events to keep track. Hence, getting a resume of what happened the day before was important for us in order to prepare the schedule for the rest of the day and to decide which events to attend.

Right after these two morning meetings, the CliMates Delegation participated in the meetings of thematic working groups organised under YOUNGO, focusing for example on “loss and damage” or “intergenerational equity” (a personal favourite of our dear Sabrina).

In the mean time, some other people went straight for the plenary, listening to the statements of delegations :

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How many lemonade stands to fill the climate finance gap? By Antoine Ebel
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On the Friday of the first week of the COP, and for the first time, the Special Ban Ki Moon Youth Envoy spent a day with YOUNGO in order to meet young people at the COP and learn about their activities in Warsaw and their expectations for COP21. There were several activities on the schedule, but the main focus was on a brainstorming on how we can organise an event during the Ban Ki Moon High level meeting in September 2014. Stay tuned !




This year, CliMates started to cooperate with the official French Delegation. For Mathilde Imer, Sabrina Marquant (from CliMates) and Clement Bultheel (non-CliMates) this meant they were give the chance to be part of the French delegation as Youth Delegates. One objective of the this was to better explore the potential ways of collaboration between youth organizations such as CliMates and next-but-one COP Presidency.



Climate change conferences have been the stage of high level talks, focusing on a top-down approach for tackling climate change where governments gather and agree on rules and frameworks to implement actions. However, although governmental actions are crucial, the UNFCCC secretariat launched in 2011 the Momentum For Change initiative to recognize and reward bottom-up approach on-the-ground activities providing exceptional adaptation and/or mitigation benefits. “By showcasing these Lighthouse Activities it hopes to inspire increased motivation to effectively build a low-carbon and highly resilient future”.
Beyond studying environment and international development at the London School of Economics and co-leading CliMates’ CDM research group, Olivier’s job is to deal with projects reducing greenhouse gas emissions for Carbon Clear, a UK-based carbon management consultancy. Leading the Darfur Low-Smoke Stove project, Olivier attended the second week of the COP19 where he was invited to present the project and attend a press conference with Christiana Figueres. He received an award in the financing for Climate-Friendly Investment project category that recognizes successful financial innovations for adaptation and climate mitigation. As an example of best practice, the project that enables the switch of cooking fuel from non-sustainable wood and charcoal to LPG is fully funded through the sell of carbon credits and implemented by Sudanese women-led development associations.



One main activity of the CliMates delegation at the COP was to report back to participants of “COP in my city”. Thanks to the Youth Participation Room, the CliMates delegation organized a meeting with Warsaw in Paris in order to give a feedback on the state of the negotiations.



CliMates has co-signed a document detailing a common position for French NGOs for the Warsaw conference. Among the signatories are RAC France, WWF, OXFAM France, CCFD-Terre Solidaire, Greenpeace, Fondation Nicolas Hulot, Care, REFEDD and many other! Read more below (in French only)

Find here the Press Kit of French NGOs for COP19 in Warsaw, co-signed by CliMates

COP 19: Antoine Ebel, CliMate, launches COP in my City initiative

Antoine, do you have some news about the COP19?


“Intentions have not been transformed in significant action so far, and there is actually a very preoccupying atmosphere in Warsaw, with major polluting countries coming one after the other to minimize their ambition or announce that they will not disburse a single cent for climate finance at the COP. Some of us organized a – very sarcastic – “lemonade sale to save the Adaptation Fund”, in an effort to raise awareness about the dangerous situation of climate finance at the moment. You can read all about it on the blog I authored for the International Youth Climate Movement website!”


Antoine Ebel at the COP19