The GCP programme focuses on climate negotiations in order to empower the climate generation and develop a positive advocacy to tackle climate change.

Since 2012, CliMates members have been “observers” of the UNFCCC negotiations inside the youth constituency YOUNGO. COP21 has been a momentum but it was the first step of a long process.

This programme aims at giving CliMates the tools to follow up this process with 2 goals:

  • Bring forward the youth analysis
  • Sensitize and train tomorrow’s changemakers 

    See the other CliMates’ programme: Youth Visions for the Future


    The projects


    Nego Tracking

    The NegoTracking project follows and analyses global climate negotiations and reports on political issues and outcomes. This year it focuses on post-COP21 positions and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  Infographics and papers will shed light on the relations between climate negotiations and SDGs.

    COP in My City

    The COP in MyCity project pushes for young climate leaders and youth organizations across the world to «invite» climate negotiations to their cities by running a simulation of climate negotiations and by mobilizing young people through concrete projects focused on the issue of climate change.
    Climate Migrants

    The climate migrants project intends to understand the particular experience of young migrants for climate issues, and to explore legal, political and organizational solutions that exist. A team of 15 people, based in France, Germany, Bolivia, India and Italy, is working on providing original content to give Youth a voice on this essential topic.
    Climate Finance Essentials

    The project “Climate finance essentials: understanding the role of climate finance in the transition towards a low-carbon economy” aims at helping future economic and political stakeholders understand some of the key issues regarding climate finance.
    Waste Management in the Mediterranean Area

    The project focuses on the role of young people in the process of sorting. The objective is to understand cultural and institutional environments and to spot good practices on the way in Mediterranean countries.


    2015 : Focus on the COP21

    In 2015, the COP21 took place in December in Paris. As a new global climate agreement has to be reached, this negotiation round will be a major milestone and a big challenge for all climate stakeholders. Throughout the year, all eyes will be on this event.  In this regard, we will make this event a central pillar of our framework for 2015.

    Since 2012, CliMates have been accredited for UNFCCC negotiating sessions. This year, we will make necessary efforts to strengthen the follow-up of the negotiation process by our delegates, the CliMates’ representation inside the UNFCCC, especially inside the youth constituency YOUNGO.

    Moreover, as an international network based in Paris, we will actively contribute to the organization of the 11th Conference of Youth (COY11), which will be held in Paris a few days before the COP21.


    The 11th Conference of Youth (COY11)

    The COY11 is co-organised by CliMates, Avenir climatique, REFEDD, the French Scouting Federation and the Mouvement WARN!, with the help of YOUNGO. As the sole organisation with an international outreach, CliMates has a special role to play in the preparation of this event.

    The COY11 will take place in Paris a few days before the COP21, between November 26th and November 28th, and will gather 5000 young people in Villepinte, a suburb of Paris. This important milestone for the youth mobilization on the road to the COP21 will prove that the new generations are ready ready now to change their model of society. Our delegation inside the COP21 will also communicate the COY11 values and ideas.

    During the event, CliMates will run various workshops and activities to train attendees and making them discover solutions to tackle climate change.