What if, next summer, a major ecological crisis was striking your city?

Would you change your opinion on what should be done about climate change?

The Heat Wave in MyCity project (HWiMC) is based on a projection that a heatwave strikes a global city in 2050. What are the consequences and how can we address them? Through negotiations between key stakeholders of society, HWiMC intends to train young students and professionals to climate and energy issues and to local governance in the context of climate change adaptation.


  •  The occurrence of extreme weather events such as heatwaves or cold waves is expected to increase because of climate change, according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). 
  • Heatwaves, as well as droughts and climate area changes, will represent a major public policy issue in the coming years. 
  • The urbanization process brings the challenge of city governance: half of the world population lives in cities in 2015, and 2/3 in 2050 according to the UN.


    • Confronting local and global perspectives on climate change consequences  
    • Learning about heatwave consequences and short-term and long-term policy options 
    • Formulating innovative and practical solutions to a particular problem: a heatwave 
    • Encouraging participants to learn about the issues and interests at stake by performing a stakeholder analysis 


      A HWiMC event usually comprises three parts:

      • An introduction to climate and energy issues in the context of a heat wave.  
      • A simulation of negotiations between stakeholders in the context of a heatwave striking a capital city. 
      • This stage, central to the HWiMC project, invites the participants to negotiate a deal as a stakeholder (hospitals, industries, farmers, transport system managers…) in the context of an ecological crisis striking a major global city so as to find short-term and long-term solutions.

      • Reflections on how to create resilient cities based on suggested solutions 
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        Solutions COP21 – 4th-10th December 2015

        A HWiMC event for professionals took place on December 5th, at the Solutions COP21 event. Conceived as an innovation crossroads, a meeting venue and scientific showcase to climate solutions during the COP21, Solution COP21 is led by a coalition of organizations from the private sector, French public authorities and NGOs.

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        The COY11 – 26th-28th November 2015

        A HWiMC event took place during the COY11, a three days event gathering about 5,000 young people and professionals from all around the world. Participants from India, Russia or France shared their perspectives on future cities facing climate change, and the need to adapt urban planning today.

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        Paris – Buenos Aires – June/August 2015:

        Two twin events gathering about 50 students and young professionals each took place in Paris (13th June 2015) and in Buenos Aires (28th-29th August 2015). The participants completed a COP – Conference of Parties simulation before addressing the heatwave crisis striking their city.

        This project was based on an unprecedented concept, including both an innovating model of negotiation simulation and an international partnership with the argentine association Modelo Internacional de Naciones Unidas (MINU).

        Presented during the UNESCO scientific conference “Our Common Future Under Climate Change” (7th-10th July 2015), HWiMC was granted the COP21 label!

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        Heatwave in my city

        End of the first round of negotiations, Maison des Acteurs du Paris Durable, 13th June 2015.




        The Mates and members of MINU meeting with French Embassy and French Institute representatives in Buenos Aires, 29th August, 2015.



        The Mates and members of MINU meeting with French Embassy and French Institute representatives in Buenos Aires, 29th August 2015






        Watch this video made during the Paris event.

        Watch this other video made by the MINU team during the event in Buenos Aires (in Spanish) / Se puede ver una video en español aquí .

        More information can be found on the French Embassy website.


        International Climate Summit in New York – August 2014:

        This first simulation “What’s up under the burning sun” initiated the project and gathered about 40 participants. The participants were divided in two groups and had to deal with a heat wave happening in 2050. They each had a role to play : governor, fireman, farmer, AC seller, etc… The goal was to divide limited water and power supplies and money, while imagining innovative ways to react to the extreme event.


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