Our programmes :

Youth Visions for the Future (YVF)

Resolutely solutions-oriented, looking for innovative avenues, the YVF programme intends to depict tomorrow’s world in a realistic way and foster innovative solutions to adapt to it.

Global Climate Politics (GCP)

The GCP programme focuses on climate negotiations in order to empower the climate generation, train tommow’s change-makers and develop a positive advocacy to tackle climate change.


Internal and communication projects :

Climate Nerd

In June 2015, CliMates ran the extra mile in reporting the negotiations. By creating the Climate Nerds Chronicles, it used “geek and pop culture references” to reach out to a wider audience. Bilbo the Hobbit, Harry Potter and Mad Max references became new pedagogical means to tell the road to COP21. With the COP22 being prepared, a new series of publications will make the negotiations a piece of cake for everyone!
Geek References

Like CliMates with the Climate Nerd project, several climate-related institutions and NGO began to use “geek” references to talk about climate change, such as The Lord of the Rings or Star Wars. Geek References is a lab project which intends to analyse the use of this kind of references as new communication tools of climate change experts and to understand how this new tool can change the way young people are considering this issue.
Climate Supervillains

Death Methane, Dr Fossil Fuels, Frack-man-stein…. Using Supervillains to embody the key causes and evil cronies of climate change is what this project is all about. By describing the Climate SuperVillains’ superpowers, it aims at raising overall social awareness on climate issues in popular media. The Climate Supervillains project could then serve as a call for testimonies about climate Superheroes, whether they are initiatives, communities, inspiring activists or actions.

Innovations across Europe
(l’Europe des possibles)

Along the year, CliMates supports and takes part in the «Innovations across Europe» series of events at la REcyclerie,  aiming at exploring European collective initiatives and sustainable innovations.  In this context, CliMates organizes simulations, artistic events and moderates a conference cycle on Circular Economy, organized by Veolia.
Eco Morphose

In March and April 2016, CliMates organized two artistic events in the Cité international de Paris and in the Galerie l’Inattendue which aimed at raising awareness on urban ecology through science and art.
CliMates Zero

The goal of this project is to collectively guide the Mate’s individual endeavours to measure their carbon footprint and to decrease it. Afterwards, it will focus on the decarbonisation of CliMates.