CliMates wants to explore possible and desirable options for the future in a world under strong climate constraints. Resolutely solutions-oriented, looking for innovative avenues to fight climate change and adapt to it, we wish to depict tomorrow’s world in a realistic way and foster innovative solutions. We will nurture ideas that we believe can, and should, shape our future.

The YVF programme relies on two strategic axis, which provide a comprehensive framework to our projects. All our projects share at least one of these two objectives

  • Projecting ourselves in a future under strong climate change constraints and educating young generations about arising issues and opportunities.
  • Encouraging, enabling and promoting the emergence of innovative and practical solutions to climate change.


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The projects


100 initiatives for substainable food

 This project aims at identifying 100 sustainable food initiatives in a specific territory and supporting public policy in favor of local and sustainable food systems. 
The CliMates Entrepreneurship Project

This project aims at developing adequate tools to assist the creation of climate-friendly start-ups. It intends to be innovative, dynamic and useful to young people in developing countries willing to create climate entrepreneurship projects.
Heat Wave in MyCity

2040. Your city faces an unprecented heatwave. Your mission : find a deal with all stakeholders involved to build a more resilient city. This simulation aims at training youths to collectively face the consequences of a climate crisis in urban environment.


Innov’City is a creative conference format which connects local changemakers to young citizens looking for inspiration to start their own project ! Since 2015, 15 events were organized around the world with a lot more to come…

Climate change is not only about global warming. It also means ocean acidification, which jeopardizes the life of coastal communities. To what extent ? This is what this research project wants to find out.



What is a Vision?

Schema Heatwave

A vision differs from a transition which essentially focuses on the processes and not on the results. Visions are possible and desirable pictures of how we will be living in the next decades, which include those credible and necessary solutions to build a decent future under climate constraints.

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