Simul’action : simulations that lead to action


“Simul’action” is a concept born thanks to the brilliant minds of the MyCity+20 student team from Sciences Po Paris. It is based on the combination of a simulation (serious games) and a project of mobilization. That doesn’t tell you much right? Don’t panic, more is coming below.

A simulation consists in a role-game mimicking an event (like a international conference for instance) reproducing its key moments and stakeholders. It is based on the principle of “learning by doing” in which participants fit in the shoes of real world players (States, journalists, NGOs…) and often, negotiate till finding a consensual agreement.

CliMates was born from a simulation organized in Sciences Po Paris in 2011 : COPENHAGUE RW, re-acting the UN Climate Talks of Copenhaguen (2009) with students. The effects of the simulation on some participants were so strong that a bunch of them decided they wanted to go a step further. And they created CliMates.

A year later in 2012, another crew within Sciences Po Environnement repeated the exercice with Paris+20, a simulation of the Earth Summit of Rio+20. They even internationalized it with the initiative MyCity+20.

That’s when the concept of simul’action was born. Organizing a simulation is JUST FINE. Participants have an amazing time, they learn a lot about new subjects, some of them reveal as fierce negotiators… C’est l’orgie. But you know what’s even better? Instead of shaking hands and “everybody goes home” at the end of the day, we use the energy, the emotions and the frustration born from the simulation to incite participants to do more and get mobilized. This is how true changemakers are made. This is the objective of “simul’action”.

CliMates remained inspired of this concept to design project at the international level like COP in MyCity.