CliMates is not a classic think-and-do tank. Not only do we aim at finding innovative solutions through a collaborative method that values background diversity, we also train young people to fight against climate change in a constructive way.

We believe knowledge dissemination and skill-sharing are the keys to innovation and empowerment. That’s why CliMates’ training team elaborates either a methodological, a skill-oriented or a climate-focused training session for the CliMates network to enjoy.

With climate change at our doorstep, our movement will need every skill and knowledge it can get! This is why we have decided to make these training resources public. We hope they’ll be useful to you in your efforts to elaborate solutions and build evidence to support your actions.

NEW: COP 21 Training available here

Research methodology 1: Introduction to CliMates Research and Training: xg1

Research methodology 2: How to do research in CliMates:

Research methodology 3: How to value interdisciplinarity:

Research methodology 4: Climate change graphs:


Research methodology 5: Methodological Tools for Research


Research methodology 6: Contacting Experts

Climate Negociations 1: History of negociations }