Simulation projects : International climate negotiations (COP)

Since its creation, CliMates has been developing lots of simulation relative to UN climate negotiations.

World Climate: a parnership with Climate Interactive

To engage many youth leaders in the COP in MyCity project, a free, easy-to-use and multi-lengual tool was needed. This challenge was solved thanks to a partnership with Climate Interactive, an American not-for-profit organization based in Washington DC. Indeed, Climate Interactive is developing softwares and models which can be used, with several formats, to organize a simulation of international climate negotiations.

COP in MyCity COP’leaders particularly use the software CROADs with 6 delegations for the “World Climate Game”. Climate Interactive just developped a new game called World Energy . All documents necessary to conduct a World climate exercice are accessible on the Climate Interactive website.

Juliette Decq, COP in MyCity coordinator in 2013 and 2014 describes the great advantages of this amazing tool in an interview by Climate Interactive.

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You want to facilitate a simulation of international negotiations on climate change? Discover the World Climate serious game (Climate Interactive)!
World Climate Serious Game – Guide

To go a step further, have a look at the COP in MyCity project.

Vous souhaitez organiser une simulation des négociations internationales ? Découvrez ce guide de facilitation du jeu “World Climate (Climate Interactive) !
Jeu World Climate Exercice – mode d’emploi

Pour aller plus loin, c’est par ici avec COP in MyCity!”